Sunday, March 28, 2010

And so it begins!

Dear World and all it's people in it,

Mum has started a blog which has prompted me to start a blog. Although i have nothing much to say i figure my daily lifes ramblings will surfice.

Today was another hot day on the Central Coast it is as though winter has run away....and i want it to come back so very bad because i love it when it is cold!

I am a single mum with a beautiful baby girl Isabella, she means the world to me and i am a better person because of her! My mum is amazing though without her i think it would be really hard. Isabella is almost 6 months old the time goes by so fast when you have a baby. I dont really know what else to blog about perhaps one day my blogging will get interesting OR not either way it is a nice idea having my random ramblings out in the big wide world.

Love Sarah xoxo

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