Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hospital food in all its glory

All i can say about this is YUCK! I was served this in hospital when i had my baby and i wouldnt even feed this to my dog!!!! Some day maybe the health service will realise that serving slop like this is disgusting!!!!!
My mum suggested that i do this as a diary for my baby.........but i feel that like every other diary i have ever tried to keep it will not stick and it will get lost obviously not under the bed like when i was young and tried to keep a diary with the rotten apple cores and the clothes i did not want to wash but out there in the big world, where noone really cares about my thoughts or feelings!

I think what i mean is that something more solid for my baby is what i want. So i think this blog will just stay as random thoughts and feelings and may never have its purpose although its purpose may be just to keep me sane (not sure that is how u spell that).

Love Sarah xoxo

A new day has come!

Goodmorning world,

mums blog is going to be amazing there is so much for her to blog about i almost wish i had have come up with it first hehehe!

Ok so my life isnt the most interesting thing ever perhaps one day something exciting will happen! my life hasnt always been boring i guess this has just started to occur since having a baby, they say having a baby makes your life more interesting but i am still waiting!

My brother Ryan wants me to set up a blog for him so he can review games, everyone but me has a purpose for their blog. I guess i like growing things (well trying to grow things) they always seem to die like the corn-dead, tomatoes- dead, cucumber-dead, i guess my strawberries are going good but they arnt technically mine mum planted those years ago damn it! ok i cant blog about killing plants!

Perhaps i can blog about food.....nope thats what mum is doing! games......nope Ryan damn it what can i blog about if anyone has any ideas feel free to let me know!

Love Sarah xoxo

And so it begins!

Dear World and all it's people in it,

Mum has started a blog which has prompted me to start a blog. Although i have nothing much to say i figure my daily lifes ramblings will surfice.

Today was another hot day on the Central Coast it is as though winter has run away....and i want it to come back so very bad because i love it when it is cold!

I am a single mum with a beautiful baby girl Isabella, she means the world to me and i am a better person because of her! My mum is amazing though without her i think it would be really hard. Isabella is almost 6 months old the time goes by so fast when you have a baby. I dont really know what else to blog about perhaps one day my blogging will get interesting OR not either way it is a nice idea having my random ramblings out in the big wide world.

Love Sarah xoxo