Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear Blog,
Ok so i have not written in a while possibly because i feel there is no reason to or im just plain lazy either way im here now and you can all stop fretting that i have disappeared!

Going to go help cook dinner now and i will be back to write more because currently there is nothing inside my head, and i mean nothing LOL!!!

Ok so dinner is over, well hours ago but anyway it was a nice dinner mum made some fancy named dish but technically it was just mushrooms and steak in puff pastry with a port reduction sauce!

I wasnt sure it was possible but it would seem it is!!!! I ate a whole chocolate bunny hahahah, Isabella had her first easter last weekend, she got alot of easter eggs which she couldnt eat being only 6 months old so i bought her some chocolate baby custard which was absolute rubbish!

Watched a good movie tonight called "the bird cage" awesome easy watch LOL! Cath came to visit today and bought little Charlie with her i think he is about 11 weeks old now and he is already bigger than Isabella! They had fun playing on the floor Isabella trying to make him eat her foot hahaha it was the cutest thing and i cant wait till they are old enough to play properly. but on the other hand i can wait for Isabella to get that old because i want her to stay this little forever and ever and ever! I know its not possible but a woman can dream!

I have always wanted to write a book but my punctuation isnt the best and it probably wouldnt make any money anyway, and then today i was thinking why does it need to make any money and why does the punctuation have to be perfect if it is just something i want to do for myself! So i think i might try and write a fiction novel who knows perhaps one day you will see my name in bright lights or not! Anywho until next time, take care and dont do anything i wouldnt do!

Love Sarah xoxo

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